Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Motorbikes Rule Jungle Town

Very interesting article from Brazil. What if these were all fuel efficient motorcycles or scooters, maybe even electric motorbikes - please remind me why we all need to drive cars in the US?

This article also makes a good argument for using motorcycles as a form of economic development as they are considerably more affordable than automobiles. "The ease of acquiring a motorbike has helped fuel the growth of the city, which has doubled in population in the past 20 years, surging past neighboring Leticia, which has about 35,000 residents and about 10,000 motorbikes. "

That Roar in the Jungle Is 15,000 Motorbikes
TABATINGA, Brazil — This sweltering Amazon outpost is a border town on the move — on two motorized wheels, that is.
During the afternoon rush hour, Tabatinga’s main avenue is a sea of scooters and motorcycles. Whole families pile onto a single scooter, even families of five: husband, wife and three children. Mothers breastfeed infants while fathers navigate a road nearly uncluttered by traffic signals.
With more than 15,000 motorbikes and only 47,000 people, Tabatinga resembles a small version of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, another chaotic place where cars take a distant back seat as the preferred mode of transportation.

For rest of article see link: nytimes

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