Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Scooter Lanes Controversy Hits Camden

"Kolley Kibber" writes: Planning permission has been given to a motorised scooter lane on Fortess Road. After months of campaigning Betty Tingwell, a local senior citizen, and Sheila Bow, whose five-year-old son was knocked down by a scooter in January, have persuaded Camden Council to build a pathway specifically designed for motorised scoters. The path will run from Ashton Court Retirement Home, Ascham Street to Hampstead Heath bowling green taking in parts of Fortess Road and Highgate Road. The Council finally yielded after five hundred people signed a partition in support of the project. Betty Tingwell was delighted with the result and spoke out for retirement communities everywhere. "I am so tired of having to weave in and out, people walk incredibly slowly. I urge other scooter users in London and anywhere else for that matter to push for the cause, you can change things for the better" Mrs Bow was just relieved to be able to walk with her son in safety. "Ashton Court is a particularly expensive home. All the residents have money to spend and it seems many of them choose to spend it on these blasted scooters. The streets round are packed with scooterists many of which drive dangerously fast and a lot of the drivers can't see very well."

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Lauren said...

Scooters, not motorcycles in the article. The danger is that the motorcycles/scooters/bicycles would all be put in one lane and that's a REALLY bad idea. Also, when there's a special lane people will be extra aggressive when you take the option of mixing with the cars to pass another bike, because you aren't "supposed" to be in with the cars anymore.

I bicycle and hate bicycle lanes because they aren't wide enough for passing, but God help you if you are in the road when there's a bicycle lane. They are also often littered with broken beer and other glass bottles because people that don't like bikes will dump them there.

The problem is the stupid cagers that hate bikes, and making a bike only lane would just give them more reason to ignore you and not look for bikes.